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Technology Consulting

Information Technology, security, analytics and scientific research consulting. We can help your organization by solving the tough technical problems; from bringing it online and securely processing payments/donations to process optimization, task automation, data engineering and applications of machine learning.


Technology consulting

Partnering with FinMango to build its internal IT infrastructure from the ground up. Also involved in a number of different projects in advisory capacity, including the Fincubator and the intern program.

Previous projects

Volunteer Programs Bali

Technology Consulting

Partnering with Volunteer Programs Bali to help them take advantage of the great possibilities for non-profits in digital marketing and advertising.


Technology Consulting

Started and lead a team of individuals from many different backgrounds that created a new form of cryptocurrency designed for financial education. CryptoMango (Ticker: MNGO) is a token in the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC-20 token standard and was created by FinMango, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Seattle Aquarium

Scientific Research

Collaborated in researching the condition labeled as Sea Star Wasting Disease (SSWD); no definitive cause has yet been identified. Research by the Seattle Aquarium, in conjunction with numerous collaborators, continues.

Puget Sound Blood Center

Technology Consulting

Built a search engine for phenotypes present in a donor’s blood and a complete order market system to better fulfill requests of rare and unusual blood types from blood banks nationwide. Done in collaboration with a team at Seattle GiveCamp.

Rotary First Harvest

Technology Consulting

Designed and implemented a gift card marketplace for donations to the non-profit, including programmatic design of gift cards and payment processing as part of the Seattle GiveCamp program.

Institute for Systems Biology

Technology Consulting

Worked on designing and implementing tools to perform sensitivity analysis on research results in the field of DNA research and bioinformatics; also worked on DNA sequencing alignment and formatting of DNA variations with respect to the reference human genome sample