Utilizing highly specialized skills for the public good

For the Greater Good

Our goal at Wahltinez Foundation is to empower individuals that have highly specialized skills to work for the benefit of the public. There are a lot of individuals with skills that are either under-utilized or that only benefit the private industry. We help steer those individuals towards advancement of the greater good by giving them a sense of purpose and direction.

More than Connecting Dots

Connecting individuals with impactful work is not enough. Instead of trying to boil the ocean, we concentrate on a small number of projects so we can stay focused in providing great direction as well as applying our specialized skill set to the challenges unique to the project.

Work with us

Help us in our mission by sponsoring one of our projects, or reach out to us if you have any ideas for how our foundation could work with you. Wahltinez Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the IRS.

We do not provide financial relief or support of any kind