Utilizing highly specialized skills for the public good

About us

Wahltinez Foundation was founded by Oscar and Sarah Wahltinez. Both have a passion for learning new things and improving areas of great public interest such as technology literacy, applications of A.I., animal welfare and wildlife research.

Our Mission

Our goal at Wahltinez Foundation is to empower individuals that have highly specialized skills to work for the benefit of the public. There is a lot of individuals with skills that are either under-utilized or that only benefit the private industry. We help steer those individuals towards advancement of the greater good by giving them a sense of purpose and direction.

Our Organization

Wahltinez Foundation is a non-profit*, private operating foundation. It is recognized as an unincorporated, non-profit association in the state of California. Improvement in areas of public interest has always been of concern to our members, and the formation of this foundation is only a formality in the pursuit of that.

*Tax exempt under 501(c)(3)

Meet the Team

Oscar Wahltinez

Oscar is a partner engineer at Google. He recently obtained a master's of science in computer vision and machine learning, and strongly believes in the value of bringing technology and education to everyone as the main source of empowerment for the present as well as the future.

Sarah Wahltinez

Sarah is a veterinarian currently completing a veterinary internship at East Bay Veterinary Specialists. She obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) from The Ohio State University. Sarah is passionate about championing for marine invertebrates among other less well-known animals (or, as she calls them, "critters").